SERGE LUTENS travels a lot and discovers Morocco, then Japan. These two countries, with such rich and different cultures, would come together in him and consolidate his way of seeing and feeling. He would remember this a few years later, in 1980, when he signed a collaboration with Shiseido.

In 1982, for the same brand, he created "Nombre Noir", his first perfume, with a glossy black on matt black, a concept which prefigured the ubiquitous codes of the 1990s. If it is true that this first perfume marked the 80s, it was with the creation of "Féminité du bois" and "Les Salons du Palais Royal" in 1992, with its dreamlike decorations, that Serge Lutens affirmed his first true olfactory revolution in the field of fragrances.

Followed by "Ambre sultan" and "Tubéreuse criminelle"... which have since become must-haves, writing a new page in the history of fragrances. A logical follow-up: in 2000 Serge Lutens created a brand that bears his name and imposes his uncompromising style more than ever.

His innovations in this field will be rewarded with several prestigious awards, including several FIFI awards from the Fragrance Foundation.