"I don't want to create a niche. I want to create excellence". The credo of Alberto Morillas, master perfumer of Artischten Parfümerie Couture, who helped write the history of modern perfumery, realises his dreams in his MIZENSIR fragrance collection.

A brand created by the "nose" of Spanish origin in total creative and expressive freedom, without limits or conditioning. His passion is the same that led him to take his first steps in the perfume profession more than forty years ago, without ever stopping: "For me it is not important how many perfumes I have made, it is the need to feel every day to renew this act of creation".

The MIZENSIR collection is inspired by the memories of the Maître Parfumeur, his memories of yesterday and today, his countless journeys, his unforgettable encounters. None of this would have had its origins without this family garden in Andalusia, the physical and emotional place where Alberto Morillas spent his childhood and where he felt his vocation was born.

The Mizensir collection of perfumes and candles consists of fragrances that are sometimes fresh, floral, citrusy, sensual and lush, or strong and masculine, but always with a distinctive personal style that exudes elegance, originality and inspiration of a gentleman who does not follow fashion and who greatly respects the art of perfume.