Romano Ricci is the creative head and idea hero of "Juliette has a Gun".
The great-grandson of the world-famous fashion designer Nina Ricci is also the grandson of the internationally renowned perfumer Robert Ricci. It is therefore safe to say that the necessary sensitivity for exciting fragrance creations was already in the cradle to a certain extent.

Since its foundation in 2005, the "Juliette has a Gun" fragrances for modern, discerning women have become firmly established on the fragrance market. The perfumes now have cult status and can be described as innovative, a little wild and absolutely unique.

Various creations can be admired and sampled, which have become insider tips due to their unique fragrance structure, such as
"Not a Perfume" with the molecular fragrance ambroxan.
Romano Ricci promises today's "Juliettes" more than just a fragrance - he conveys a sense of life.