Etro - fashion house as a synonym for Italian style with charm and its own spirit.
Girolamo (Gimmo) Etro founded the Etro company in Milan in 1968, specialising in fine fabrics and cloths, from which an internationally successful fashion label has emerged. The company's portfolio includes not only fashion but also home textiles, eyewear and, of course, the perfume line.

Etro's fashion is associated with natural and bright colours, a cultural mix of styles and, above all, paisley patterns. Inspired by travels to India, Gimmo Etro updates the old-fashioned necktie ornament and brings it back into fashion. Since then, the label has flourished with the Pegasus as a symbol that stands for fantasy, colourfulness and elegant Etro arms.

In 1989, Etro's perfume line was born. The fragrances are composed of natural aromas and fragrance essences and the "layering" (mixing different fragrances) of the Etro fragrances is recommended. In terms of fragrance structure, they are not complex compositions, but rather a concentration on a classic fragrance theme.