Creed is a French perfume manufacturer and former tailor and men's outfitter from London. The company refers to a family tradition of over 250 years in the 7th generation.
In 1760, the tailor James Creed moved from Leicester to London. This is the beginning of the Creed tailoring dynasty. The house gained its reputation from the middle of the 19th century under Henry Creed through its services to the famous Dandy d'Orsay, Queen Victoria and Empress Eugenie of France.

In the years that followed, the house developed into the purveyor to the court of many European royalty as well as the high nobility and celebrities from politics and culture. His most exclusive customers included Queen Victoria, Emperor Napoleon III and his wife Eugénie, as well as the Spanish Queen Christine.

Olivier Henry Creed is the sixth generation to run the company today. It is likely that he used the rich history of the house to relaunch the company as a perfume brand. The big breakthrough came in 1986 with the innovative Green Irish Tweed.