The company Cire Trudon
Founded in 1643 as the Maison de Cire Trudon, it is the oldest French wax manufactory in the world. Cire Trudon supplied the court of Louis XIV and most of the major churches in France. In 1643, Claude Trudon, a merchant from Picardy, arrived in Paris.

By a lucky coincidence and an advantageous marriage, he became the owner of a boutique in the Rue Saint-Honoré, in the Saint-Roch district. There he worked not only as a grocer, but also as a candle maker and wax extractor.
The candles are handmade at home, and over time he becomes more skilled and professional, so that his craftsmanship soon gets around.

When King Louis XIV came to power, he became aware of Master Trudon, who in the meantime had founded a small family business.Trudon and from then on became the court supplier to the royal house. Today, Cire Trudon still supplies candles to numerous churches,
such as the parish church of Saint-Roch in Paris, where candles from Trudon have been burning continuously since 1643.