Christian Tortu is known above all for changing the way the world mixes flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables in unique compositions, without artifice and with a direct interpretation of nature. The whole story of Christian Tortu, the man, the florist and designer, begins in the garden of his parents, the gardeners, in Anjou near Saumur.
Nature lover since his youngest age, his stay in Paris made him realise how much nature he was missing in the capital.
Christian Tortu decided to offer Parisians the look of his childhood, a free and almost wild look. In this way, the painting becomes a call to travel, far from the familiar paths, to a place without prejudices and without conventions. To complete his vision of life, Christian and his team have developed collections of vases, decorative objects, fragrance products and home accessories that are always inspired by nature.

In his shops around the world, Christian Tortu seeks to create new experiences by (re)discovering nature through the combination of the senses. It does not offer strands, but an art of living that starts with the art of seeing: flowers are no longer ornaments, unchangeable objects, but living elements that can make life softer and more beautiful. Christian Tortu's boutiques are a place where the art of living nature displaces the simple flower shop.