CARTHUSIA and the island of Capri - irretrievably linked together. The perfume house CARTHUSIA owes its early birth to the prior of Certosa di San Giacomo, when in 1380, in the year of the Lord, he had the Queen of Naples, Johanna I of Anjou, visit the island to collect the most beautiful flowers for arrangements. After a few days it was discovered that the water had taken on a very special and extraordinary aroma. The monastery alchemist created the -Garofilium Silvestre Caprese- after this model and thus the first perfume of Capri was born.

In 1948, the prior of the Charterhouse rediscovered the old perfume formulas and, with the Pope's permission, presented them to a chemist from Piedmont. He immediately began his work in a small laboratory called Carthusia. In this laboratory the fragrances of CARTHUSIA, the Capris fragrances, are still produced today. In 2002 the time had finally come and the Capresian owners of CARTHUSIA decided to make their fragrances more accessible to perfume fans and to offer them beyond the borders of Capri.