Philosophy from Tanzania . When in 2002 in Tanzania, a country with breathtaking landscapes full of intense colours and magical scents, the idea for the BAOBAB scented candles was born, the Belgian designer Valerie Bietlot already lived there for several years. ?Thanks to her experiences and impressions from this country, which have left deep scars behind, she decided to set an example for her African second home Tanzania after her return to Belgium. In this way, she not only wanted to make her time there unforgettable, but also to share her impressions with others in a special way.

This homage to the incredibly multi-faceted East African country we encounter today in the scented candles and diffusers of the BAOBAB Collection. ??The scents and the design of the BAOBAB Collection candles are always inspired by the distant places and the exotic flora and fauna of the small state on the coast of Africa. The Baobab tree gives its name to the tree; it is one of the most characteristic trees in tropical Africa. The newer creations, each as noble and fancy as the previous ones, take you to other destinations; fragrant journeys that take you to Chinese landscapes, the Russian steppe or the Egyptian pyramids.